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30 June 2008

Americans Arise!

Ain't hindsight wonderful? Just think, news reports suggest children might have to walk to school or, better yet, ride their bikes. Horror of horrors, they might have to take a brown bag lunch as cafeteria prices increase.
How can we justify these actions? Americans, arise. What is this world coming to?

West Marcus

02 June 2008

Government can inflict abuse also

Ellen Goodman's "Destroying village" column in the Advertiser, concerning the Eldorado religious sect, was evidently another attempt to justify mass governmental intervention in the lives of citizens.

Many of us have watched the interviews with the parents and heard the original arguments, which motivated the Texas authorities. One argument stipulated that because the compound was gated, it therefore constituted "the home" for all the individuals, allowing for a mass roundup, removal and redistribution of all the children.

Ms. Goodman seemed to be reasonable and balanced, until the last paragraph. She declared that "Eldorado is not a lifestyle. It's a pedophile ring." Goodman and others continue to cite some pregnancy numbers regarding 14- to 17-year-old females. This often repeated alleged fact is at least partial justification for the mass removal of 400-plus children, some possibly over 18 years of age.

Obviously no government is going to go after every 14- to 17-year-old girl who becomes pregnant or goes to the health department with an STD. They will go to the well-baby clinic and begin receiving public assistance.

The Texas attack will take years to settle and divert mega-resources to defend a blanket indictment, possibly initiated by a false report.

No rational human, much less American, could possibly condone child abuse, literal or statute driven. We also should not tolerate governmental abuse of power and due process.

Guilt by association or birth is a dangerous concept, especially in the hands of armed authorities, and possibly the self-proclaimed do gooders.

West Marcus