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31 January 2010

Demand cell numbers from parties in crashes

Obviously passing a law that a particular action is illegal does not stop the activity. If that were true, prostitution would be a thing of the past and politicians would be servants of the electorate.

Passing laws almost impossible to enforce might seem as if one is spitting into the wind. Thus, we have the new law prohibiting texting while driving a moving vehicle.
There is a propensity to call an event in which two vehicles crash unexpectedly an accident. Almost without exception it is not an accident, it is deliberate. If your child dies by a drunk driver, what do you call it? Drugs? Plain stupidity and reckless driving?

I suggest the following: All drivers involved in collisions, regardless of obvious circumstances, and occupants be asked to volunteer their cell phone numbers. If they refuse, it should be noted on the police report, along with all legal names of all individuals in both vehicles. One may text, talk on their phone, borrow one while driving or simply keep checking the incoming because they are so important. I even see the local police doing it regularly.

If the facts indicate that cell phones were in use during the crash, the aggrieved should take all possible legal steps to prove negligence, and/or possibly negligent homicide/manslaughter.

Excuse me, I think I hear a ring tone company calling.

West Marcus

25 January 2010

Pundits don't 'get' Brown's triumph

I watched a TV news program during the followup of Scott Brown's defeat of the Democratic candidate. The program is hosted by Rachel Maddow and the guest was Chris Matthews.

Chris, Rachel and a Ms. Kellie O'Donald tried, as best they could, to put a negative spin on a stunning success. Chris even mentioned the truck that Mr. Brown drives. He even went so far to say, " The election narrowed as the night went on. It might have been different in a couple of days."

I think that "they" still believe that the people who voted for Scott Brown robbed them. I don't believe for a second that they think Americans voted to change the values. Now they are even accusing Martha Coakley, the Democrat, of being the problem. She ran a faulty campaign. Ain't hindsight wonderful?

West Marcus

18 January 2010

Consider issues in charter schools

There is a significant amount of interest, local reporting and statewide discussion regarding charter schools. The premise is that certain schools can take taxpayers' money with a mandate, paralleling private school organization.

Giving the latitude of almost total control of curriculum, teaching personnel and academic environment sounds very appealing. Longer hours, more teaching days and higher expectations would seem, at first blush, to be where one would want a child enrolled.

One might re-evaluate the original purpose of the public schools. One might consider that a charter school is a tax-supported system, oriented toward transition into college . Is college inherently the purpose of public education?

Consider the aspects of special ed, handicapped, emotionally disturbed, problem children, nurses, class size, control of staff, teacher hiring/firing, transportation and salaries. Other public schools must.

The problems, for some, may be solved by a charter system. It seems much more reasonable for the state to initiate strong control, parents to demand excellence and the AEA to concede that being hired does not make a person a true, dedicated professional.

West Marcus

13 January 2010

Airport screeners pick questionable targets

I do not write this thinking I can either add to or dissect the apparent debacle, which allowed an obviously murder-oriented terrorist on board an American transatlantic flight. Some reports continue to comment that he was the "alleged" bomber. I cringed at Ms. Napolitano's comment that "the system worked."

What I do know is the screeners will move a little old lady, maybe 82 years old, 4 feet 11 inches tall, in a white jumpsuit, out of line. They will take her transparent lexan cane and run it through the X-ray machine.

Meanwhile, they will make her remove her Velcro, diabetic-type shoes, slowly totter through the metal scanner and then make her walk over to and stand on the footprint pad while doing a full body scan. I fully expected her to be whisked away for a full body cavity search.

All the while a TSA agent was standing within my comfort zone, staring at me. I suppose he was looking for me to squirm or maybe break into a sweat. I cleared unchallenged.

When they finished with "Grandma Moses," I walked over and quietly whispered to her as she shakily replaced her shoes, "You are the most suspicious possible terrorist I have ever seen." Without hesitation she looked up and replied, " It takes one to know one."

West Marcus