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18 December 2009

Hairstyles, names also become issues

I understand the frustration of the teacher (a female) who was so tired of a 7-year-old girl playing with a beaded braid that she cut it off.

One year, a 6-year-old in my class had her hair braided the same way, as if she had a veil. I asked the child to tell her mother how distracting it was for the girl trying to do "seat work" while the beads bounced across her eyes.

The mother's reply, as I recall, was essentially "Don't worry about it." I wrote her a note, with the same results.

My estimation of the situation was that the mother was more concerned with "cuteness" than with being told what was good for her child's academic progress. The principal eventually reasoned with the woman.

That reminds me of parents not wanting their children called by their names, but only by nicknames. It took some of the children awhile to adjust to answering to their real name, as it did for "Big Mama." And you thought AYP and global warming were all teachers have to worry about.

West Marcus

15 December 2009

Anthem, dance routine in conflict

I did not attend the Christmas parade, but I have observed the majorette routine which one writer compared to a bump-and-grind routine. May I respectfully suggest this routine, the attitudes, and the administrative responsibilities controlling school extracurricular activities, did not present the day before the parade.

I suspect that the administration knew about the routine, which exposes an underlying philosophy. I believe, from the office of superintendent on down, the African-American culture has decided that the school system belongs to the majority. I believe the majority wishes to disavow a connection with past cultures and use the schools to infuse personal racial agendas, all done with a certain assurance of impunity.

We read about inappropriate dancing at school functions, the early morning shooting at an off-school dance; we observe the "sagging" thug look and are forced at times to listen to what many of us think is filthy music, booming from "hoopdies" with $2,000 rims.

Granted, there is freedom of expression and speech we all enjoy as American, but there remains a civic responsibility, which seems to be overlooked. As a retired teacher I can attest to hearing about rude, racially motivated attacks upon teachers of both cultures.

Lanier's anthem says "... and before thy shrine of knowledge, we will kneel to thee ..." Somehow, bumping and grinding a booty does not seem to fit the music.

West Marcus

Caring at center of some decisions

Dear Mr. Schneider:

Your letter concerning the tragic death of Jim DeBortoli are well stated, your points worth consideration. My thoughts regarding the establishment of a water rescue group extend beyond the kayakers.

Jim, a close personal friend, an experienced outdoorsman, in great shape, died in what can only be called a fluke. I will not elaborate upon the details, but suffice it to say, the same set of facts will probably not repeat for a hundred years.

The establishment of an effective water rescue group seems clearly necessary in an area where river recreation is being expanded and tourists/visitors courted. Trained personnel available in emergency situations seems the civic, as well as responsible, course of action.

Your comment regarding paying for a service aiding only 1 percent of the population (the kayakers), begs the question of why we have the fire department rescue cats, why the police stop to help motorists, why helicopters are used to hunt lost hikers.
A simplistic answer might be that we care.

West Marcus

04 December 2009

Extend 'change' to Afghanistan

I, as do most Americans, believe that we should be supporting the troops, while at the same time believing it is the president's responsibility to provide for the police action and get us out of Afghanistan.

We know that President Obama did not start this military action. We do know he sought and won the office that can control the life-and-death events of American warriors on foreign soil. His own military adviser wants 40,000 additional troops. It is reported he is going to approve 30,000.

He will speak at West Point Tuesday. We will learn the fate of many of those officers, troops and their families. We will learn the strategy, the "guesstimated" cost, the proposed tax base to continue support of the action, and the new definition of "exit strategy."

Mr. Obama ran a platform of "change." I hope.

God bless the troops, their families and America. We need it.

West Marcus