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06 August 2008

Beware this dangerous concept of economics

Mr. Obama recently proposed that, given the power, he would take money from an oil company's alleged excessive profits, and give the American citizens an additional $1,000 as another stimulus infusion.

It seems to me that the message is that Americans are hurting because of profit motive, excessive dividends and greedy corporations.

I suggest this is a dangerous concept of economics. Personally, I am not enamored with either party's nominee.

I am retired and doing my little part to try to reduce blatant consumerism and energy waste. I do not blame huge successful corporations for the current state of the American economy.

I am concerned with the tremendous expense of police actions being fought in the Middle East, and the fact that few, if any, retail items currently have a "Made in USA" sticker when turned upside down.

Supply and demand suggests a corporation prospers because of public support through sales, service and investments. The power of controlling profit margin already exists.

No politician should have the power to decide the percentage of success any private corporation is allowed to attain for the owners, workers and also stockholders.

May I respectfully suggest, that if Mr. Obama is elected, he simply allow me to figure out my 1040 and subtract $1,000 from the bottom line of total taxes owed. Let the IRS scale back, not some American supplier.

West Marcus