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10 October 2008

'Divas' delightful ASF production

"The Three Divas" are gone. If you failed to see the production, you missed as professional and stirring an afternoon of music and talent, as you could ever expect to experience. Bravo and magnificent are the only two words which come close.

The ASF has produced "Crowns," "Menopause" and now "The Three Divas," which stirred my soul. Thank you ladies. You are splendid.

If I may be allowed a segue way, I apologize to the two ladies seated in front of me, who moved to adjacent seats. I do theater and I appreciate brilliant performances. I do get vocal as well as involved. Actors want honest audiences who let them know the work is appreciated. This audience was obviously appreciative. I apologize, not for my actions, but that you got the luck of the draw.

Lastly, a pox on the boorish, rude, ignorant persons who continuously checked their cell phones, especially during the finale. I am dumbfounded that the cast was one of the best ever showcased at ASF while the boors are so important they are checking messages. Stay home.

Once again, bravo ladies.

West Marcus