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09 December 2008

Immediate gratification at root of problems

Many of us older folks have lived long enough to go from large floor radios to video cameras in computers and the instantaneous transmission of news and events of interest, along with highly annoying cell phones. We also find ourselves as the elders who have helped initiate and perpetuate credit.

Now Utopia is crumbling. Lay-away has come full circle. There is an old saying about paying the piper. We are the purveyors of the attitudes and actions which have fostered the economic climate and current severe downturn of stable growth.

Regardless of one's political leanings, we must accept responsibility for the basic fact that immediate gratification has come about to bite us in the derriere. To quote Michael Douglas in a famous role, "Greed is good." If not greed, then maybe gluttony or envy.

Americans generally are not opposed to capitalism or supply and demand. I believe both concepts are the most valid means of economic success.

What happened ? Credit cards? Home loans? Unions? Foreign imports? Medical costs? Aliens? Corporate greed? Wall Street? Oil moguls? Welfare? Congress? The war? Us?

I can attest that I have overcome the impulse to be extravagant. I understand that I live better than probably 99 percent of the world. I eat regularly, I sleep warmly while enjoying the freedom of choice, friends, travel, personal beliefs and alliances. I am American.

West Marcus