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16 July 2009

'Vultures' abounded after star's death

I confess I did not watch the spectacle of the memorial for Michael Jackson. I saw a few snippets, but they are now intertwined in my mind, after the insufferable reruns and loops of various statements.

The sound bites I seem to see the most were the ones declaring MJ the greatest entertainer in the past 2009 years; he was not weird, we are; and he is the reason for the civil rights advancements by all people of color, including the president of the United States.

A personal observation is the obvious exploitation of the young girl alleged to be his daughter, who knew he was dead for 12 days, had never been seen in public, never spoken to the press or public, never lived a normal life, being paraded to the stage to make a eulogy statement and immediately hugged and removed. I felt for her, so much.

I do not speak ill of the dead. MJ was a consummate singer, an entertainer and a very good impromptu dancer.

I will speak ill of the living. Boy! What a bunch of vultures.

OK, so what do I know, an old semi-Caucasian who can barely slow-dance and is even less talented at singing?

West Marcus