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07 August 2009

Blue only color that mattered

Last year, while walking my dog, I noted an intruder in my back yard at 11:30 p.m. With help from my neighbor, we contained him until the police arrived. We did not shoot him, hit him or otherwise abuse the African-American man, because my neighbor and I are reasonable, law-abiding Caucasian-Americans.

He and I were only interested in protecting my property, and possibly my person.

The Montgomery police arrived promptly. They were very professional toward us as they disarmed us for safety. They took the intruder to the street, and began to question the young man.

They were very respectful toward him, and I believe went well above what could have transpired. They even called several cell numbers for him to try to establish his identity. My neighbor and I were privy to the whole situation. Only when it became evident the intruder might have a mental problem did they place him in a vehicle and transport him downtown for safety and identification.

I did not sign a trespass warrant, and as far as I know, the police had more reason to protect him than arrest him.

The arriving officer was Caucasian-American, dressed in blue. The supervisor and other officers were African-American, dressed in blue.

If I have another problem late at night, I sure hope all those same blue uniforms show up.

West Marcus