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31 August 2009

Statements raise real concerns

Dear Barbara Evans,

We all would probably agree that the "average citizen" has not read the full 1,000-plus pages of the proposed health plan. Your assertion that many are motivated by certain TV news programs and speakers disregards the point that information from the government can be propagandized just as easily as that from opponents to the Obama bill.

I have had civil discussions with many, from Texas to Wisconsin, Georgia to Kentucky. I have discussed it with grandmothers, PhDs, millionaires, a retired high ranking military officer. Some would suggest that if one disagrees, one is a racist. I know people of color who do not agree with the plan, and I have a decades-old friend, Caucasian, retired, who is fully behind the president and the plan.

Two statements have continued to trouble me. The president has publicly stated that it may take 10 or more years to make the enacted plan a one-provider system; meaning the government. The other is when I heard Nancy Pelosi say there would be "caps on payments, and no caps on benefits." To me it means: The government will set costs to be paid out for a particular benefit, and the government will stipulate the definition of a benefit.

One might surmise that the two statements taken together mean total governmental takeover. I don't consider myself "hysterically ignorant," but I do agree we will "all lose if we don't begin checking our facts and checking our attitudes."

West Marcus