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15 September 2009

Responsibility seldom mentioned

I read Mr. Adam C. Powell's declarations that "There is a moral deficiency surging ... people who oppose health care reform is proof of how callous we've become as a nation" ... " People are so concerned ... why they have to pay for their neighbors insurance that they forget our social responsibility to one another" ... "We owe it to one another..." Finally there was his closing statement -- "To the wealthy( no definition ), don't hoard your treasures at the cost of the working man."
I maintain there is a social strata which believes they are entitled to do nothing for society, but society should support their lives. In all of the discussions regarding what the nation should provide, I have read nothing about the responsibility of the recipients.

I suggest Mr. Powell pay the insurance for one family. Pick a woman with maybe seven children and no husband (just a boyfriend) or pick an illegal alien who is sending money home. Powell might also pay their auto insurance while he is at it.

Emergency rooms are inundated. I have been once in the past two decades. I waited five hours, at midnight, in great pain, while the indigent were served. No, I'm not special, but my insurance will certainly help to keep the ER open.

I'm just a poor retired teacher. I'm trying hard not to be a drain on Mr. Powell, the affluent, or the nation. No thanks necessary, Mr. Powell.
West Marcus