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04 December 2009

Extend 'change' to Afghanistan

I, as do most Americans, believe that we should be supporting the troops, while at the same time believing it is the president's responsibility to provide for the police action and get us out of Afghanistan.

We know that President Obama did not start this military action. We do know he sought and won the office that can control the life-and-death events of American warriors on foreign soil. His own military adviser wants 40,000 additional troops. It is reported he is going to approve 30,000.

He will speak at West Point Tuesday. We will learn the fate of many of those officers, troops and their families. We will learn the strategy, the "guesstimated" cost, the proposed tax base to continue support of the action, and the new definition of "exit strategy."

Mr. Obama ran a platform of "change." I hope.

God bless the troops, their families and America. We need it.

West Marcus