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15 December 2009

Caring at center of some decisions

Dear Mr. Schneider:

Your letter concerning the tragic death of Jim DeBortoli are well stated, your points worth consideration. My thoughts regarding the establishment of a water rescue group extend beyond the kayakers.

Jim, a close personal friend, an experienced outdoorsman, in great shape, died in what can only be called a fluke. I will not elaborate upon the details, but suffice it to say, the same set of facts will probably not repeat for a hundred years.

The establishment of an effective water rescue group seems clearly necessary in an area where river recreation is being expanded and tourists/visitors courted. Trained personnel available in emergency situations seems the civic, as well as responsible, course of action.

Your comment regarding paying for a service aiding only 1 percent of the population (the kayakers), begs the question of why we have the fire department rescue cats, why the police stop to help motorists, why helicopters are used to hunt lost hikers.
A simplistic answer might be that we care.

West Marcus