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31 January 2010

Demand cell numbers from parties in crashes

Obviously passing a law that a particular action is illegal does not stop the activity. If that were true, prostitution would be a thing of the past and politicians would be servants of the electorate.

Passing laws almost impossible to enforce might seem as if one is spitting into the wind. Thus, we have the new law prohibiting texting while driving a moving vehicle.
There is a propensity to call an event in which two vehicles crash unexpectedly an accident. Almost without exception it is not an accident, it is deliberate. If your child dies by a drunk driver, what do you call it? Drugs? Plain stupidity and reckless driving?

I suggest the following: All drivers involved in collisions, regardless of obvious circumstances, and occupants be asked to volunteer their cell phone numbers. If they refuse, it should be noted on the police report, along with all legal names of all individuals in both vehicles. One may text, talk on their phone, borrow one while driving or simply keep checking the incoming because they are so important. I even see the local police doing it regularly.

If the facts indicate that cell phones were in use during the crash, the aggrieved should take all possible legal steps to prove negligence, and/or possibly negligent homicide/manslaughter.

Excuse me, I think I hear a ring tone company calling.

West Marcus