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28 May 2010

Real friendship disregards race

I enjoyed Craig Cornwell's Alabama Voices column "City as classroom," regarding geriatric Australian tourists with Friendship Force International.

I think that all Caucasians have at one time or another have uttered the statement "I have a black friend." He mentioned that he is a " boycott baby" of the 1950s civil rights era, so he did not experience some of the truly segregated laws and mores of the past centuries.

He quotes a retired black judge, who suggests people should "get past manufactured integration exercises" and just be friends. I hope the Australian visitors learned what Montgomery is like, which is probably a lot like all cities. I certainly would enjoy a trip to Australia to learn about the division of the cities and the Outback.

I hope the travelers learned that Montgomery is a progressive, friendly place to live, and plagued by the same social problems that are worldwide.

The retired judge makes a significant point concerning relationships, as does Mr. Cornwell about the Australian request to be hosted by African-Americans. May I suggest to them that many of us have overcome ethnic bias and bigotry. Many people of color actually have Caucasian friends, with whom they are not ashamed to associate. I personally have several friends who have tolerated me for decades. That is why they are friends. I have always thought that is what friendship means.

G'day, visitors, and safe travels. Godspeed.

West Marcus
May 10, 2010