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28 May 2010

Why even involve government?

I have no problem with a national day of prayer. I don't think anyone needs my affirmation, nor have they asked for it. I would oppose an official congressional day.

I have been listening and reading about some of the opposing points of view concerning the idea. It had dawned upon me that currently there are probably more Christian-type religions practiced in the USA than others, but others are growing in number.

Our government maintains extensive legal rules and laws to prevent racial profiling, but thinks nothing apparently of lifting one religion above another. I can already hear the arguments of why there should be one, so spare me.

If there is an official day of prayer, what does that tell other religions? I don't see any reason for the government to even be concerned. Just look how long it took to elect a Catholic president and to have a Jew on the Supreme Court, much less a black to the highest office, whose religious affiliation is regularly challenged.

We know followers of some religions are willing to die for their beliefs, and they aren't all Christian. Some religions have mandatory prayer every day. Maybe Congress can just pass a law that everyone has to pray every day. About what can be optional.

West Marcus
May 15, 2010