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25 March 2008

Fostering religion not schools' role

William Pilati (in response to Dick Brewbaker) and I may be the only two former public school students in history who have grown up still believing it is not the responsibility of a public institution or government employee to foster religion upon a captive group, such as students in a classroom.

I cannot understand, to this day, the attitude of the teacher at Lanier in 1956 who had me suspended for three days, because I moved and whispered during the "Bible reading" session. It was to assist a student who had a minor problem, and was not at all disruptive. I did not return to her class.

I fully concur with Mr. Pilati's feelings because I knew no class I ever attended would have any mention of the Jewish faith, which corresponded to the religion of about half of my family and relatives. I suppose the deceased teacher, in her own attempt at admonishing my scrawny soul, believed humiliating me in front of my peers and kicking me out class would save my soul from eternal damnation.

I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, but I suppose she would twirl like a rotisserie if she could witness a contemporary service in the newer evolution of religious Christian services. I did learn a lesson in her class. May she rest in peace.

West Marcus