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25 March 2008

Three-party system would be beneficial

S. Lee Ryals and several other avid Republican zealots are indicative of the people who would support the continued presence of American troops upon foreign soil.

These troops are dying for what many Americans now believe is a failed mission -- ill-conceived, ill-funded and ill-supported. Much of the same can be said about the economy, which has now gone $160 billion brighter red.

Many Americans consider themselves independent thinkers, just as intelligent and patriotic, if not more so, than the average party member of either political group.

We know we don't want a hundred-year war. We know we don't want open borders, plus we don't want amnesty. We know we want: a stable economy, our government to "butt out" of other countries' politics, strong control of aliens and we know we want any loss of young lives to be in defense of our nation, not for oil or despots.

If you believe America, as a political nation, has failed to be responsive to Americans, then you have an obligation to vote for the person most likely to strive to achieve homeland security, strong borders, economic balance, and a strong military to defend us and other freedom-loving countries.

It would be better if we had a strong three-party system, but we don't. Listen carefully, weigh the issues and think what the next eight years can bring. We know the last eight.

West Marcus