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25 March 2008

Gas prices do little for driving habits

Gas prices do little for driving habits

I currently drive daily to accomplish two hours of part-time work. All of the mileage is from Taylor Road down Vaughn Road and the East Boulevard to McGehee Road.

Since gasoline is now at $3.50 for premium, one would think driving habits would begin to change. No such luck. Tailgaters abound, turn signal usage is sparse, long lines at drive-throughs when a walk-in is faster, blocked intersections at critical turns, and of course red light roulette.

I am no longer amazed, at least weekly, to slowly pass a rear-end wreck only to look in my rearview mirror to see a cell phone user smoking a cigarette attempting to kiss my rear bumper.

Heaven forbid I should drive the speed limit. Just forget the 10 mph distance rule. (As an aside: don't think women do not know the use of the middle digit).

OK. I am through venting. Let me go and seize the day, my steering wheel and of course my insurance papers.

West Marcus