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31 March 2008

Religion, law make dangerous mix

March 31, 2008

I read the Advertiser editorial "Law, not religion, rules in court." I am one of those who has always believed religion does not mix in law and public education.

I was in education for several decades, thus I know that argument. I also realize many sincere individuals believe the public schools should be responsible for the religious rearing of all students, plus we should believe that all court proceedings should be Christian.

I am sincerely curious about WWJD. Did Jesus hold a prayer circle before he went in the temple of the money lenders? What does religion have to do with the prosecution of a person arrested while robbing my home or auto?

Should the probate office hold a prayer circle for driver or marriage licenses? (Well, maybe)

If I sue someone in small claims court, I really don't want a judge to pray over a decision. It isn't the principle, it's the money. Just imagine Judge Judy saying grace while calling a defendant an idiot. Perfect.

West Marcus